Cabo San Lucas is a beach resort at the south end of the Baja in Mexico. It is a famous tourist spot, and a lot of celebrities go there as well, and it can get very crowded. That might be a put-off for some people, but there is a reason the crowds flock here. It really is beautiful, no matter how crowded it gets, and you can have as much or as little activity as you want. There’s also usually a good exchange rate with Mexico, so your vacation dollars go further as well. The place is designed for vacations because that is what most people here are doing, so that adds to the overall convenience of vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.

The beaches are the most obvious reason to vacation in Cabo San Lucas, and that is what attracted people here in the first place. The beaches are beautiful, and that against the cliffs and hills of this part of the world, make it very nice. There are many beach front hotels and resorts and something to fit most budgets. There are several different beaches too, ranging from crowded ones to more secluded ones. The Sea of Cortes and the Pacific meet at a place called Land’s End, and rocky outcroppings make this a very popular spot as the entrance to the area. There is one formation called El Arco that is one of the most photographed rocks in the world. From November to May is the best time, though May does have its share of spring breakers. The summers are very hot, but even that has its appeal.

While at the beach, you can enjoy the water like nowhere else. Water activities make this a vacationers paradise. You may go fishing, even deep sea fishing on a charter boat. There is also snorkeling and surfing. Whale watching tours abound, as well as many other boating events you can get involved with. Another cool thing here is that you may enjoy your food and drinks right on the beach. There are several restaurants that serve on the beach. Several companies offer cruises that can include snorkeling and lunch, or any combination you might think of. You could also try your hand at parasailing, or even take up sailing in a rental boat. Off the beach, you can enjoy golf or four-wheeler adventures along trails in the wilderness. No matter what you enjoy doing, you can enjoy that activity here to the fullest. A whole industry is set up to help you enjoy the water and everything else that goes along with a coastal resort town.

There was a devastating hurricane here in 2012, and that may sound like a strange reason to visit. The bright side of that is, there are a lot of new hotels and new restaurants. Many have also been rebuilt and are even better than before. As already noted, there are a lot of beach front restaurants, and there is a lot of fresh seafood available. Places like this know they have a lot of competition, so they all work to provide the very best of food. Nightlife here is also exciting and non-stop. It is kind of like being in a college town all year long. There is always a party going on, and there is always a great restaurant open not far away. Vacationing in Cabo San Lucas is a great place to lose yourself in nightlife and fun activities. It does get crowded, but that is even part of the fun of being here.

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