44% of people think that genetically modified food is not bad

According to a recent survey released by the Pew Research Center of the US independent polling agency, 70% of Americans believe that science has improved the quality of American food; 44% think that genetically modified foods are not bad.

The survey found that 52% of people with low scientific literacy are concerned about genetically modified foods, compared with 29% in 2016. In the high-literacy population, the proportion of GM foods that are more unhealthy is from 2016. 37% slightly increased to 38%. Among Americans, the proportion of people with high scientific literacy and those with low scientific literacy is very close, at 26% and 24% respectively.

The survey also found that women are more concerned about the possible health risks of genetically modified foods than men, and that blacks and Hispanics are more concerned about genetic modification than whites.

At the same time, the survey proposed a new term: food ideologies, that is, people who are concerned about the potential health risks of genetically modified foods and those who are concerned with artificial pigments, preservatives, crop insecticides, hormones and antibiotics for feeding animals. For example, 55% of women care about the health effects of food additives, while only 46% of men care about this problem; likewise, 39% of women care about pesticides in vegetables and fruits, and only 23% of men; care for animal meat Women with hormones or antibiotics accounted for 39%, and men accounted for only 25%.

An interesting result is that 78% of people who believe that GM foods have safety concerns are concerned about food additives, 66% worry about hormones or antibiotics in animal meat; and those who are not worried about GM foods, only 28% are worried about food additives, and 12% are worried about hormones or antibiotics in animal meat.

Although nearly half of people worry about the health risks of genetically modified foods, 76% believe that genetically modified technology can increase production, and 63% believe that genetically modified foods are more affordable. In addition, only 29% of Americans know or are familiar with GM foods, 58% only know fur, and 13% have never heard of it.

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