A Riotous Palm Tree Resort In The Desert

Located in the desert of Southern California, the Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel is simply a cool oasis of existence! Cactus flowers in 12 colors, in the warm desert there’s an open pool for party, if someone would say this is heaven I will believe it.

What girl can resist such a colorful color? Around the warm brown palm tree, it’s the real holiday here.

The standard process here, no matter how many days you will stay, to spend a day in the restaurant, to soak in the pool, or sit in the pool under the sun and drink! Just say this is life.

Of course, in a pool party, the bikini, wine, and super cute swimming rings are must-have.

This is a hotel designed completely for young people, both inside and outside are in fancy colors, design has a very strong character, if you want to take a memorable trip with your sisters, this will be your first choice. 

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