Best Majors for Future Job Prospects

Today’s job market is tougher than ever and many look to their college education as the only way to get a leg up on the career ladder. Technological innovations have created many new career paths while making others obsolete, so it is important to understand future career prospects prior to declaring your major. There are some solid majors that remain strongly relevant and offer a good educational choice while other tracks may offer unexpected advantages. Let’s look at some of the majors that are best for future career prospects.

The finance industry remains a profitable career path and a good start is a course of study that helps you understand how to help individuals and businesses best manage their money. Even with the advent of robo advisors and online brokerages, finance majors remain some of the top sectors at college recruitment fairs. The projected job growth of the financial industry over the next 10 years is 13.1% which is indeed healthy! It is also a career path that offers a lot of potential as you progress in your career. Financial Analysts and Financial Advisors can also expect to make a comfortable salary with almost unlimited upward potential.

A degree in Management Information Systems will allow you to pursue a career in IT. Systems Management combines the tech knowledge with your leadership and managerial skills. These careers will continue to be viable well into the future as more companies bring their tech in-house. The entry level positions of the computer systems analyst tier are plentiful and offer a great foundation for a career in MIS. This job category is expected to grow by 17.9% over the next ten years, and the median salaries are at $85,000 per year.

Nursing remains a robust career path with no signs of slowing. This career offers both professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction from helping others. The projected 10-year job growth in this field is a healthy 17.2% and the median starting salary for an RN is $58,200. With many communities lacking nursing staff, there are many programs available that will help defray or completely payoff student loans if you relocate to an underserved area. Becoming a nurse is not an easy path but it is well worth the effort if you are looking for a meaningful career that offers more than just financial compensation.

College majors are important but they do not mean that you are locked into a career path if your desires change. However, choosing a course of study that offers a vibrant future is always a good idea. These three majors show no signs of slowing down and are expected to remain dynamic options for many years to come. If you have an interest in finance, technology, or medicine there are many potential tracks to explore while you are in college. Choosing one of these majors will give you the educational foundation to begin your career with confidence.

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