Church Aurora and Culture, Romantic and gloomy love sanctuary – Reykjavik

Regarding Reykjavik, those who like to listen to Cantonese songs must know that a song by Mai Xiaolong is Reykjavik. The two lovers who fell in love in the song ten years ago are now in a stranger. Sadly, the heroine in the story has already been lightly moved, and the boys in the story are indulging in the past and can’t extricate themselves, and meet the heroine, and see you next winter in Iceland. But what is pitiful is that the heroine mistakenly thought that the address was in Fukushima, Japan. The bitter boy did not wait for the beloved girl in Reykjavik, and eventually sang such a song with disappointment.

In fact, it is not just Mai Xiaolong. Many literary works will choose Reykjavik as the background of love story. As the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is almost close to the Arctic Circle. If you look at the North Port of Yakuk, you can even see the Aurora. This romantic scene was once sought after by lovers and infatuated people. In the eyes of romantics, the laser is a symbol of love. Therefore, Reykjavik is widely used in love literature, which promotes the development of tourism. One pair of couples from all over the world, wading through the mountains is for an aurora, witnessing the two now.

In addition to the aurora, the church in Reykjavik is also on the list. In the evening, mixed with the orange-red sunset, I feel the cool breeze on the head, and pull the lover’s hand into the church on the wet path. This picture is simply the romance of many couples. Perhaps the church has always played the role of witnessing love in Western culture, and it will make so many people with sincerity and hope to come here to leave their own traces. After many years of thinking, even if there is no result, it is a thing full of ritual feelings. And precious memories.

Do you think that there is only love around Reykjavik? No, you are wrong. At night, take a trip to Sipi. It is the most famous bar in Iceland and once filmed. The night wind is cold, and even some people are frozen. My boys have a sly smile on their faces and talk about young and frivolous words. Even the anger and breath are exuding the youthful atmosphere. Inside the bar is a variety of fine wines, just order something, drink two cups can be considered a happy life, even if it is a little drink, don’t be too scared, some red cheeks, but more lining this night is somewhat blurred.

Is it not the same as the sleigh that is imaginary and the Iceland in Alaska? There are still many things worth exploring and exploring in the world. The scenery is the simplest and most direct. Don’t know if you are cute, do you want to explore the secrets of Reykjavik?

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