How did you become a fat man?

Some people become fat, but they don’t know how to join the fat man, so they can’t find a good way to lose weight. The reason for obesity is the first step in weight loss. Below, I will list the most common causes of 10 obesity.

1.Genetic cause

Some people may be born to be fat, which is mainly related to heredity. According to statistics, parents are unilaterally obese, and their chances of getting fat are 40%, which is four times that of the average person. If both parents are fat, the chances are as high as 80%, which is 8 times that of the average person.

2. Improper diet

Improper diet is an important cause of obesity. This is mainly reflected in two aspects, on the one hand, uneven nutrition intake. In the daily diet, excessive intake of fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients are insufficient, which is easy to make people fat. On the other hand, the food intake is too large. This is easy to understand. Even if the calorie is low, the food will be too much. The accumulation of calories will also make you fat.

3. Edema puffiness

Some people’s body’s drainage function is poor, and excess water accumulation in the body will cause edema-type obesity. In order to lose weight, this type of person should eat more diuretic and swelling foods such as melon and celery in addition to exercise.

4. Metabolic disorders

The role of metabolism is to remove things that are burdensome to the body and new things that are good for the body. When this mechanism is not working properly, problems can arise, such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, and weight gain. In addition to diseases, getting older, eating high-calorie and high-fat foods, and bad habits can also slow down metabolism, poor caloric metabolism, and of course fattening.

5. Getting fat after childbirth

During pregnancy, and in the months after childbirth, the amount of exercise of mothers is naturally less than usual, and eating more than usual, it is normal to get fat. After the production, the mother’s waist and abdomen are slack, and it is easy to accumulate fat, which leads to the body being out of shape.

6. Bad habits

Some bad habits and small details in life are often the key to your body. For example, some people like to sit down when they squat legs, this action lasts for a long time, it will hinder the blood and lymph circulation of the legs, leading to edema in the lower body.

7. Lack of exercise

People with less exercise will have a lower basal metabolic rate, and a lower basal metabolic rate will make the body’s ability to consume calories less and tend to gain weight.

8. Drugs

Long-term use of certain drugs, such as anti-depressants, psychiatric drugs, steroids, insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents, contraceptives, etc., can cause obesity, of which insulin is most obvious, even vitamin B group and E excessive intake, will become The reason for getting fat.

In addition, some people will lose weight to eat diet pills, but they do not know that these weight-loss drugs have large side effects, so that you can quickly lose weight, but also let you rebound quickly, and the rebound is more than the weight before losing weight.

9. Lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep can hinder the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels, increased insulin levels in the body, resulting in more fat stored in the body. At the same time, it will reduce the concentration of leptin in the body, stimulate the body to take more carbohydrates, and reduce the concentration of growth hormone that regulates the proportion of body fat and muscle, which will make you fat.

10. Mental stress

Excessive pressure can lead to high adrenal cortisol index, increased gastric motility and digestive function, and increased appetite. When people feel pressure, they will think of using some methods to divert their attention. Therefore, “eating” has become the catharsis choice for most people. In this case, it is really difficult to think about fat.

Find out why you are getting fat, then take action.

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