How to Add Visual Interest to a Neutral Color Palette

Design experts advise homeowners to adopt an interior palette of neutral tones in their design scheme rather than bright or vivid colors. Neutral colors help to maintain a feeling of calm and serenity while allowing accent pieces and accessories to add a burst of color. When utilizing this design method, be sure to incorporate different textures and hues to avoid rooms that appear dull and boring. It is a fine line between a muted palette that contains various color tones and depth, and one that is unremarkable and bland. There are several design strategies to employ to keep your neutral toned rooms looking vibrant and visually interesting. If you are looking for ideas that will maintain a neutral color scheme without becoming boring, read these helpful hints below.

Patterns are a great way to hold interest while maintaining a neutral palette. Think about window treatments, throw pillows, and area rugs that have bold designs in muted colors. This allows the room to have a sense of movement while maintaining a soothing color scheme that lets your accessories capture the eye.

Utilizing various textures is another way to keep a room from feeling stagnant and dull. Mirrors also add depth and light to any room while maintaining your neutral color tones. Choose a frame with an interesting distressed wood look or another border that adds visual interest. A chunky area rug in a bold pattern whose colors are muted is a great way to anchor the room and also add a punch of life with an interesting focal point. Lighting will also help to keep the overall mood of the room in line with your neutral colors while adding a soft light that will envelop the room with a comforting ambiance.

The use of bold accessories is where your personality can really shine through. In addition to throw pillows and art pieces, consider interesting conversation pieces that are unique and eye catching. Bookshelves offer an opportunity for you to add personal touches and alternate shelves between books and assorted tchotchkes that tell an interesting story. The use of unexpected items in room decor is one of the most fun parts of decorating your home. Use your imagination and create a tableau of visual interest and curiosity. One of the functions of a neutral color scheme is to provide a complementary background that allows important design pieces to shine.

Utilizing gray, tan, and cream based colors allows your home to maintain a sense of calm while letting certain design elements to shine through. Design experts advise a neutral palette that relies on color tones, depth, and saturation levels to create a feeling that is welcoming and unobtrusive. If you are looking to update your home interiors, consider this design strategy that offers a lot of room for personal touches. With this palette, your own personal tastes will take center stage and provide the life and vitality that every home needs.

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