How to Get Unlimited Xfinity Wifi for Free on Android Xfinity Wifi Login

This is a passage about xfinity wifi login, which shows you how to get the free Xfinity Wi-Fi on any Android. With Xfinity Wi-Fi you’ll get the speeds, coverage, and control you need to enjoy the ultimate home WiFi experience.

Welcome back to another tutorial. I want to do a little quick update about the free Xfinity Wi-Fi on any Android. There’s been a lot of questions. I’ve been flooded with questions. This is an updated version with the new update word.

They have this on-demand pass. I mean it’s still the same process. It’s easy, you will need to have your device rooted, I have my device rooted, it’s a galaxy s7 from Sprint, drop some links down below where you could root your device, be sure to check it out and root your phone.

Once you have rooted your phone, come back, we could begin this process, first of all what you need to do is to go to play store and to confirm you that I am rooted, I am going to do quick root check for you, I go to verify root and if this pops up, you have root on your device.

You can see I am rooted, go to the Play Store and type in the same app that we used Mac changer, click on it and install it, once you’ve installed Wi-Fi Mac changer, as you can see I am not connected to any network, I will also turn off data for you.

As you could see there is no data or I’m not connected to any other Wi-Fi, as usual you’d probably go to Wi-Fi and connect Xfinity, once it connects, it’s going to say sign in to the network, you can scroll down or on some devices it is going to pop up straight into your browser.

For me I’m going to scroll down into the notification, I will sign in to the Wi-Fi network, it’s going to bring me up to this website Xfinity, do the same process, get up on Wi-Fi demand pass, go through the setup, it’s simple, scroll down it, click continue and enter random stuff.

This is where some people were freaking out, you can still put random stuff, you can make up a password, it doesn’t have to be that you have to memorize, there’s a question, put random stuff, it doesn’t matter, continue and let it load, it’s going to say this, scroll down a bit and hit activate Pass.

Then you’re connected, once your one hour pass has expired, what you need to do is to go to Wi-Fi mac changer, it’s going to ask you for root permissions, you won’t give it root permissions for it to change your MAC address, you hit generate random Mac, you can hit it a few times, you could either do hard change or simple change.

Hit random, I mean hit hard change or simple change, let it change your MAC address, you can see please check the MAC address and generate MAC address, try simple change, sometimes a simple change is more successful to change instead of the hard change.

This shows the Wi-Fi signing into Xfinity, every hour you can keep on doing this, I don’t have an Xfinity account, I get a Wi-Fi on demand pass, you’re going to keep doing this every hour of Xfinity Wi-Fi that you need, it’s going to bring you up to this page again, scroll down and then activate pass.

I should activate the Internet, it works connected to Xfinity Wi-Fi now, if you go on YouTube, you could search up anything, everything works perfectly, it is fine loaded, as you could see I am connected to Xfinity Wi-Fi. If you want to see how I turn in this galaxy s7 into like an s8 theme, be sure to tell me down below. Thank you for reading.

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