How to Get Unlimited Xfinity WiFi No Root On Android Xfinity WiFi Login

This passage is about xfinity wifi login showing you how you can get Xfinity Wi-Fi trail. Comcast is offering a WiFI Free For All to U.S. Enable WiFi on your wireless device. Select Xfinity wifi in your list of available networks. Sign in with your Comcast username and password.

Today I’m going to be showing you how you can get Xfinity Wi-Fi trail, this is a new way, let’s go to on Google Chrome, go to aptoide, you press the first link aptoide, you press instalar aptoide, it will show download, if it doesn’t show there, click here.

It’s in Spanish, I’m translating it to you, you scroll up and they say download, you don’t press download, don’t press open there, don’t press open, follow the directions, go to settings, go to general, go to security, go to unknown sources, it should need a checkmark, I put a checkmark, I press ok.

It should be a checkmark beside unknown sources, when it’s download, you press on it and you press package installer, press install, but it won’t work for me because I already have it installed, go to search for apps, go to open Wi-Fi premium.

The first one should be a blue free Wi-Fi, the background set should say Xfinity Wi-Fi, press install, when package installer is installed, press on the app, open Wi-Fi lite, it’s probably going to take you to activated aptoide again or Google Play stores.

If it takes you to Google Play Store and it costs money, sit down and download it again, then put the device which is already clicked, if you want to add another device, press add the Mac on it, press my device, press ok, go to menu login.

I contacted the owner of this app, he told me to go to manual login because it wasn’t working, go to the link, there’s a number 10 here or it should be a number 24, erase it to a number 25, then you press I am not an Xfinity customer, don’t put your email.

You don’t have to put your real one, you can put numbers, then you press I have read and agree to that Terms of Service and receive promotional emails from Comcast, I probably checkmark it and press start session.

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