If you go to Sydney, then you must go to Figure 8 Pools

There are many beautiful views of the Royal National Park in Sydney. The coastline here attracts people from all over the world every year. However, few people know that there is a hidden secret here, that is the Figure 8 Pools on the south side of the Royal Park. It is a lake but actually is a pool. After tens of thousands of years of scouring the waves, pits of various sizes have appeared on the rocks. The two deepest ones have been connected together to form a figure of eight characters.The lake is named for that reason.

It is really not easy to see the true face of the Figure 8 Pools. It is very rare and precious because it is hidden when the tide rises and falls. Next to the Figure 8 Pools is the vast Pacific Ocean. The sea water in the pool is clear, with a variety of algae and submarine life, showing a miniature submarine landscape. But you must be careful when you walk on it. Because it is moss, you may slip if you are not careful, and there may be dangerous marine creatures here.

When you come to this place, you must count the tide time. Once the tide is very dangerous, because the power of the spray is really too great, many people have been injured because of this. The road leading to the Figure 8 Pools is also quite bumpy, people need to go through the jungle and the messy reefs on the shore.

The locals in Sydney like to go hiking on the Figure 8 Pools on the weekends, walk on the forests, bushes, beaches and rocks for a long time, soak in the water, surf the sea and picnic on the grass.

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