Maid Services Worth Hiring

Housekeeping is a thankless task and one that never seems to go away. One alternative to spending your Saturdays on household chores is to hire a professional maid service. These services provide a quality service at reasonable prices and will free up your weekends for more exciting activities. Going with a professional service, rather than an individual, has several advantages. First, the services are fully bonded and insured, thus protecting you from any liability in the case of an accident, and they will also cover any losses due to damage or theft. The maids are fully vetted by the agency and there is recourse available to you if you are not satisfied with their services.

Merry Maids, Molly Maid, and Maid Brigade are a few examples of well-regarded cleaning services that operate throughout most of the country. These professional cleaning services can help to ease your workload at home and free up your time for more leisurely pursuits. Many people use these services on a monthly basis to conduct the deep cleaning. This ensures that your home is always kept tidy by your family while you no longer have to worry about any heavy lifting such as scrubbing tile grout. Having maid services on a regular basis also keeps all serious cleaning projects manageable as they are tackled on a scheduled basis.

You can opt to have the same cleaner for each visit or simply have the service send whoever is available. The latter option is usually the choice of people who require a lot of flexibility or schedule cleaning services with limited notice. The one drawback is that you will be re-training someone on each visit. If your cleaning needs are fairly straightforward, this may not be an issue worth concern. Having the same cleaner each time will lessen your involvement and should eventually get to the point that they require little or no direction from you.

These services are usually reasonable in price, and many offer significant discounts to first-time clients to encourage you to try them out. When you have found a service that you like and plan to move forward with, ask about any discounts for regular clients. Even if they don’t have advertised specials, most companies are happy to work with repeat customers. Having your maid come only once or twice a month is another way to keep costs down. As these services typically charge by the hour, be sure that your family has straightened up and the cleaners are only doing the heavy tasks such as vacuuming and laundry.

Hiring a cleaning service for your home is not an out of reach extravagance, and most households can benefit from some regular help in the cleaning department. Contact one of the companies listed above to learn more about the services and prices available in your area. You will be amazed at how much free time can be gained by having a service come in for a few hours every month to help keep your home clean.

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