Practical Tips for Long-Distance Flights

Flying overseas can be difficult for anyone who has circulation issues or has difficulty sitting for long periods of time. Unfortunately, many people will let their fear of discomfort and possible physical ailments dissuade them from traveling abroad. There are actually numerous, and simple, ways to stay comfortable and healthy on the longest of flights. By keeping a few activities in mind, you can overcome any potential physical issues and continue to enjoy travel later in life. If you are traveling on a flight that is longer than eight hours there are several important tips to bear in mind.

Even as the dress code for air travel continues to reach even lower depths, there are ways to look stylish while still dressing for comfort. Rule number one is to leave the jeans packed until touch down. Loose fitting clothing will allow you to sleep and will not cause you the discomfort that comes with jeans and other snug clothing. Slip-on shoes are another great idea, especially as the feet and ankles are susceptible to swelling on long flights. Fingers also swell, so leaving your rings packed away is another smart idea. Even if you do not regularly wear them, tuck a pair of socks into your carry-on to help keep your feet warm during the flight.

Maintaining good circulation during a long-haul flight is essential and easily accomplished with a few trips up and down the plane’s aisles on a regular rotation. If you find yourself in a line waiting for the bathroom, do some calf raises to help ease any tension in the lower leg that is often caused by sitting for extended periods of time. While seated you can do neck rolls and shoulder shrugs to ease the neck and shoulder stiffness that can accompany sleeping on planes. Leg lifts are another easy exercise that you can also do while enjoying some in-flight entertainment.

Hydration is another key to maintaining good health during a long flight. Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol as it is dehydrating. Water consumption will help to keep your body functioning properly even with the added stressors of the dry and recirculated cabin air. Most airplane food is high in sodium and can increase the likelihood of bloating and dehydration. Packing a homemade meal or snack can help you to avoid this high salt content and fight off hunger pangs. Try to keep your food intake to light fare that is easily digested and won’t cause an upset stomach.

These are just a few tips that will help keep you feeling healthy during your long-distance flight, and by dressing properly, increasing your motion, and staying hydrated, you can minimize any discomfort and be ready to go upon arrival at your final destination. Be sure to get up and walk around the cabin at regular intervals to keep your blood circulating and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Air travel is not always the most pleasant experience, but with these tips, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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