Six ways to exercise a stovepipe

Many people don’t weigh too much, but too much fat builds up on the thighs. “Elephant Legs” makes dressing very unsightly, and now I will share with you six ways to exercise your skinny legs.

The first one, stepping on the bicycle, stepping on the bicycle and using the strength of the waist to prop up the buttocks and step on the feet. Pay attention to the position of the hand, the two hands parallel to help the body balance the support, to avoid sports injuries.

Secondly, the kicking hip-lifting kick-lifting hip-legged kicking speed should not be too fast. Try to extend to your own limit and pause for 5 seconds before returning to the original position. At least 10-15 times, not only exercise. To the back of the thigh, the buttocks will rise!

The third type, the semi-squatting type of the semi-squatting leg is like a squatting step. The front side of the thigh will be very sour. At this time, a slight inner and outer swing can be added to move the meat inside and outside the thigh for 5 times. , every 1 minute.

The fourth type, the bow and arrow type, strengthens the anterior muscle strength of the thigh, and extends the muscle line on the back side of the thigh. From the thigh to the calf, the entire leg line can be elongated, and the left and right feet are 15 times each for 10 seconds each time. .

The fifth type, the side lift leg type side lift type is a very common stovepipe action. It should be noted that the buttocks should be inwardly received. The whole body should be in a straight line as much as possible. The amplitude of the up and down swing is not large, and the focus is slow and light. This action can be done very convenient while watching TV. Remember that more and more times will have an effect.

The sixth type, v-leg v-legs, this posture not only moves to the fattest fat on the inner side of the thigh, but also can train the abdominal muscles at the same time! Generally, it will sweat after a few times, but we must not give up the beauty! Also come a 20, the effect will be doubled as the muscle strength becomes better! Lay on the ground and put your hands on the pelvis. Then lift your legs up, perpendicular to the ground, and straighten your toes. Keep your upper body still, open your legs to the sides, form a “v” shape, stay for a few seconds, then return to the close position.

Stick to and repeat the above method, you can definitely slim down your legs! Come on!

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