The Best Guides for Learning About Wine

For the uninitiated, the topic of wine can be intimidating and one that many people avoid. This formidable subject need not induce stress, and even the most elementary knowledge of wine can open the door to many pleasant experiences. These top 3 wine guides make learning about wine fun with a zero intimidation factor. Take a look and find one that will help you to gain confidence as a novice oenophile in the privacy of your own home! Once you have the basics down, expanding your experience with wine will feel a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable. These guides are written to be accessible and informative and to impart knowledge that is relevant to everyday life.

How to Fake Your Way Through a Wine List is one of the most popular beginner wine guides currently available and it is easy to see why. This book by Katherine Cole is written with a conversant tone and is meant to be informative and practical. She offers information that will help readers feel more comfortable ordering wine in restaurants and begin to enjoy the pleasures gained by exceptional food and wine pairings.

Karen MacNeil’s book entitled The Wine Bible was first published in 2001 and has two editions in print. This matter-of-fact compendium may be overwhelming to casual wine drinkers, but anyone seeking a greater understanding of vintages and wine producing regions will find its comprehensive nature appealing. This is the perfect reference guide to be continuously reviewed and returned to every time you encounter a new and interesting wine in order to learn more. The Wine Bible clocks in at over 1,000 pages and can be overwhelming if you approach it as you would a regular book. Instead, use it as a reference, focusing in on a specific varietal or region at a time.

From the founders of the popular Wine Folly website, comes Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. This guide is lighter in its approach and focuses on tasting notes that are comprehensive, accessible, and quite helpful. For example, the sweetness of the wine is notated by sugar filled spoons and other flavor nuances are described in simple terms. This is a great book for anyone that wants a comprehensive understanding of wine and also wants to be able to discuss different tastes and flavors confidently. There are also some interesting factoids thrown in amongst numerous visual aids including maps and graphs.

Learning about wine can be fun and stress-free with the right approach, and these top guides are a great place to start. Wine offers a lot of enjoyment and helps to elevate meals to special event status. Whether you are interested in these guides for yourself, or as a gift for a budding wine lover, take a look and find the one that best suits your style and approach. With a little bit of knowledge, wine can go from an intimidating and confusing topic to one that offers hours of enjoyment.

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