The best open-air hot spring in the world-Blue Lagoon,Iceland

Blue Lagoon is located in southwest Iceland, about 39 km from the capital Reykjavik, and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Iceland. The location of Blue Lake is one of the most frequent underground magmatic activities on the Earth. This activity heats Blue Lagoon, allowing the water to evaporate. The water temperature of Blue Lagoon is about 40 °C on average. The water is rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur. Soaking hot springs in Blue Lagoon can help treat some skin diseases such as psoriasis.

In winter, it is surrounded by ice and snow, and the lake is hot. Since it is not far from the Keflavik International Airport in Reykjavík, many tourists make use of a few hours in the city of Reykjavík to make a free shuttle to Blue Lagoon. Soaked in hot and humid water, rubbing it with white carbon dioxide mud will wipe out the journey. Although Blue Lagoon is open-air, it is a hot spring that can accommodate visitors all year round.

Blue Lagoon seems to have become the most typical picture of Iceland, many people will soak in the light blue hot springs. Blue Lagoon is a world-famous open-air hot spring. Even in the snow-drifting winter season, the lake is still filled with heat, like smoke. Into it, it feels as if it is immersed in a misty world.

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