The most beautiful spa in the world: Pamukkale,Turkey

Pamukkale is located in Denizli, the textile industry town of Turkey, about two hundred kilometers from Izmir. Turkish Pamukkale is made up of the words Pamuk (cotton) and Kale (castle). Cotton refers to its color as white cotton. From a distance, it looks like a cotton swath. It is actually a hard limestone topography. The castle is said to consist of the entire hillside, one after another, shaped like a castle, hence the name of Pamukkale.

God preferred Turkey and placed a natural “mattress” here.

There was a legend:In order to rendezvous with the Greek moon god Serena, the shepherd Andy Mein forgot to squeeze the goat’s milk, causing the white goat’s milk to cross the river and cover the entire hill. So it became a “Pamukkale.”

Pamukkale seems very soft, in fact, very hard. Pamukkale is a fossil of calcium, after a long soak, some places have begun to turn yellow.

Pamukkale looks like a large flower of cotton standing on the hill, more like a whitewashed terrace.

It is a spa resort in ancient Rome. It is also an ancient bath that has been passed down from generation to generation.In 190 BC, the Romans built a spa treatment center for the nobles in the Pamukkale near the ancient city.Since then, this fairyland has become a spa that the Romans are most proud of.

Pamukkale is not smooth and the water temperature is maintained at 36 to 38 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The pH of the water is about 6 or so. According to scientific identification, spring water is rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals, and flows at a speed of 400 liters per second. It not only has a magical effect on rheumatism, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, indigestion and neurasthenia, but the water here can also be consumed. It is worth mentioning that the Pamukkale spa in Turkey are free of charge. Haha, so enjoy playing.

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