The Most Detailed Itinerary of Iceland !

Iceland, an island country in the north of the Atlantic, attracts tourists from all over the world. It features natural beauty, ecological energy and hospitable locals.

Classical recommendations

1. Classic golden circl  —þingvellir national park,Gullfoss and Geysir

þingvellir national park  isa famous historical and geographical attraction of Iceland . and  Gulfoss shows its splendid waterfall to the world.
When you are visiting Geysir, in light of its activity , please be careful in case of getting wet.

2. Blue Lagoon , Iceland’s awesome natural SPA

Its  milky water is an iconic image of Iceland.  Warm water and natural active ingredients here can help relax body and mind.

3. Scenery on the south iceland

On the way to south of Iceland, you can enjoy various scenery, including Selijalandsfoss , Skógafoss, Skaftafell National Park and Jökulsárlón.
Jökulsárlón is the biggest and most famous glacial lake of Iceland. And it holds many ice blocks on the surface.

4. Snowmobile

It’s  so special to take a try with snowmobile in Langjökull, the second biggest glacier in Iceland.

5. Volcanic caves exploration and snorkeling

Thrihnukagigur, is one of the biggest concavity in volcano .

Silfra, a fantastic underwater world, makes your feel like floating.

6. Icelandic animals

In addition to the beautiful views, we can also make many animals friends here .

Icelandic Pony,  is peculiar in Iceland. So don’t miss its tolt riding  .

The whale at reykjavik . Reykjavik has Minke, white-flag dolphin, harbour porpoise and the popular humpback.

Puffi, is the national bird of Iceland , with red, white and black in its little body, extremely cute.

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