To Sua Ocean Trench,Samoa–the world’s most beautiful natural magical swimming pool

To Sua Ocean Trench,this picturesque natural pool is on a volcanic island in the Samoan Islands, and the Samoan Islands are in the South Pacific.

The To Sua Ocean Trench, which literally means “a huge hole,” is located in the village of Lotofaga, on the south bank of Upolu Island in Samoa. In the past, the volcanic eruption on the island caused part of the land to fall, forming a large hole of 98 feet (30 meters) deep.

The ladder is connected to the water from the shore, so visitors do not have to jump straight into this big hole. Of course, if you are interested, you can still use the following springboard to dive.

This natural pool in the village of Lotofaga on the southern shore of Upolu Island offers visitors a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Here, the crystal clear water contrasts with the background of the green color. In addition, you can enjoy a wide variety of tropical fish and soft sand beds. The South Pacific is connected to this place to ensure that the water in the big cave will never dry up. Of course, in order to protect the tranquility of the place and to ensure the safety of tourists, there is a fee for swimming here: adults are 15 US dollars, children are 6 US dollars, and children under 7 are free.

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