Top 3 Things to See and Do in Toronto

The best thing about Toronto is the view from the CN Tower. The observation decks allow you to get a birds-eye view of the city and orient yourself from up above before you set out to explore this vibrant and exciting city. This metropolis is chock full of exciting things to see and do and whether you are looking for a sightseeing break while on a business trip or visiting with family, there is plenty to enjoy. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in Canada’s largest city, and luckily, a lot of off-the-beaten-path locales for when you need a break. Keep reading to learn more about the top three things that every visit to Toronto should include.

If you are lucky enough to visit on a warm day, head over to Harbourfront Centre for an afternoon of people watching, fine dining, gallery hopping, and just about anything else you could ever want to do. This lake front park of 10-acres is filled with theatres, amazing restaurants, and plenty of garden paths for a nice leisurely stroll. Check the current schedule for events as this destination is ground zero for outside musical performances, theatrical events and the like all year long.

Casa Loma is an interesting tourist spot that offers unique architecture and a captivating back story. This 98-room castle located in North Toronto has it all, secret passageways, horse stables, and a wine cellar that holds 1,500 bottles. The 5-acre garden offers a peaceful respite in the heart of the city with water features and sculptures to complement the various flowers and other plantings. The interiors are architecturally stunning and the entire experience is one that is certainly unique.

The Ontario Science Centre is a must-do if you are traveling with children, and a visit here should be at the top of everyone’s list. The interactive exhibitions number in the hundreds, and there is definitely something here to delight everyone. This is a science center that makes learning fun! There is even a planetarium and IMAX theatre that showcases many interesting and educational films. Kids and adults alike will love the dance floor that converts physical energy into light power. Stop by the information booth on your way in to learn about the day’s special exhibitions and events. Even those who are not interested in science will enjoy a visit to the Ontario Science Centre.

Toronto is easily accessible by air from most major American cities, and while a passport is required, the entry process is straight forward and stream lined. For those not used to colder climes, a visit during non-winter months is recommended, and be sure to pack a sweater or light jacket, whatever time of year you visit. This cosmopolitan city has everything that you could hope for, from cultural destinations to shopping and fine dining. The Canadian people are helpful and welcoming and above all, very polite. You will surely enjoy a visit to Toronto and it may pique your interest enough to come back and visit other Canadian cities.

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