Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect Garden Party

Outdoor entertaining is a special thrill for many hostesses. There is something about being outside, with a soft lawn beneath your feet, surrounded by fresh air, that elevates the party experience. If you are planning your first outdoor party, follow these simple tips to ensure that your event is a smashing success.

While fresh air is the main perk of hosting an outdoor event, inclement weather is on no one’s guest list. If there is a chance for rain or chilly temps and you don’t want to move the festivities inside, rent an party tent. These tents come in several different varieties and can be used in canopy mode if there is a sprinkling rain accompanied by warm temperatures. If you opt for full coverage, including all four sides, choose a model that has clear panels that serve as windows. This will bring the outdoors in and allow your guests to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty will keeping dry and warm. Tenting is available in all manner of styles, sizes, and price points, and your preferred party rental company should have exactly what you need. Being outside on a damp evening is not how you want your guests to remember their evening, so be sure to keep them protected from the elements.

Now that you have prepared for a less than perfect weather event, let’s move on to the fun! The best parties are often themed, and if you are throwing a party “just because” choosing a fun theme can make the event even more memorable. Something as simple as an Alice in Wonderland themed party can take on a life of its own. If you are celebrating a life event with the party and a theme is not necessary, be sure to still choose a design motif. A planned decor scheme will help tie the entire evening together, giving your soirée a polished look and feel. Most party rental companies can also provide lawn decor and furniture to spruce up your garden party with minimal effort on your part.

Every party hinges on the quality of the food, and be prepared to wow your guests with a fun and delicious menu. Be sure to provide the appropriate tables and seating for the type of food service you will provide. No one wants to stand around trying to eat from a balanced plate. There is no need for a full seated dinner, guests will do fine gathering around scattered high tops. Some type of table should be provided if you are serving anything more substantial than light, passed hors d’oeuvres.

Innovative cocktails are another fun way to keep the theme going and to encourage your guests to mix and mingle. Party planners highly recommend hiring a dedicated bartender to mix and serve drinks and allow you to focus on hostess duties. Garden parties are a special way to celebrate, and can help create memories that last a lifetime. Consider all of your guests’ needs and throw in some fun to ensure an enjoyable evening for all.

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