Use your phone to take good-looking photos

The busy life of the city is often exhausting. In order to release the tired body and mind, many people choose to go out and relax. When it comes to playing outside, taking a few photos to remember will definitely be inevitable. With the increasing power of mobile phone camera functions, in today’s pursuit of convenience, people have slowly abandoned the bulky camera and chose to carry the mobile phone.

The reason for choosing a mobile phone to take a photo is very simple, that is convenient. With a single click of the shutter, you can

Anytime, anywhere, you will see fun and interesting things or take pictures of you, and you can also send friends, microblogs and other communication platforms to share your beautiful travel mood and record unforgettable memories. It is very convenient. With the development of mobile phone technology, many mobile phones now have excellent camera capabilities, coupled with more and more intelligent AI camera algorithms, some mobile phones even have comparable imaging levels.

For many consumers who don’t pay much attention to the mobile phone industry, facing the market-leading mobile phone products on the market today, it is also a headache when purchasing. So today, let’s talk about the few things you need to consider when purchasing a camera phone. The main point, if you are also a photo enthusiast, just come over and have a look!

1. Double shot, multiple shots, etc.

If we want to buy a mobile phone with excellent camera performance, then the first step we have to look at the number of cameras equipped with the phone, especially the rear aspect, in the double-camera, more than the sky, today is not necessary Choose those phones that stay in a single shot. Under normal circumstances, mobile phones equipped with dual and multi-camera will be better and more delicate than those with single-shot phones. Therefore, we should choose those camera phones with dual and multi-camera.

2. The size of the photosensitive element

The size of the sensor’s sensor is also the key to a machine. Generally speaking, for mobile phones, the larger the photosensitive element, the more the light input and the more delicate the image quality of the mobile phone lens, the better the picture quality will be. Especially in the case of low light, large-sized photosensitive elements are more advantageous. So if you want superior imaging results, the size of the photosensitive element is something we need to pay attention to.

3. Whether to support optical image stabilization

For many newcomers, the phenomenon of hand shake is often caused by the beginning of photographing, resulting in blurred pictures. However, with the development of technology, the problem of blurring caused by hand shake has been solved, that is, the optical image stabilization function. Optical image stabilization can reduce the image instability caused by jitter when we take pictures, thus reducing the effect of photo blur. Therefore, whether the mobile phone supports optical image stabilization is also very important.

4. Is the phone’s built-in camera mode rich?

In addition to the number of cameras, the size of the sensor, and the optical image stabilization function, in fact, whether the camera’s built-in camera mode is rich is also a place we need to pay attention to. The rich camera mode allows us to easily shoot large-scale effects. Generally, the mobile phone automatically adjusts the parameters. We only need to select the desired camera mode to shoot for different scenes. Even if you are a white photographer, I believe that the photos taken are not bad.

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