Xfinity WiFi Login How to Get Unlimited Xfinity WiFi FREE

This article focuses on the xfinity wifi login, which shows you how to get Xfinity free Wi-Fi. You’ll get immediate access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide, all included with your Internet at no extra cost.

Today we’re going to do a tutorial of how to get Xfinity free Wi-Fi. On Xfinity there is the trial where you could do for one hour, but for some users Xfinity’s one hour is not enough, I found this bypass that could let you do it for more than one hour a day.

Let me log out on my end Xfinity Wi-Fi, connect it, as I connect it’s going to ask me to sign in to Xfinity, you go to I am not an Xfinity customer, press sign up, choose zero for complimentary hour pass, click start session, as you can see I can already use my limit for today.

To bypass this, go to your home screen, turn off and then turn on your Wi-Fi, I’ll put a link down the description for the download for this one app, you have to be rooted for this to work, it’s called Wi-Fi mac changer, download in description below, install it.

Once it’s installed, open it, give it root access, press not now, on the screen press generate random mac, it’s going to generate a new one, then press simple change and leave the Mac changed successfully, we’re going to go to Wi-Fi, we’re going to connect to Xfinity again.

It’s going to ask us to login again, we’re going to go through the same process, you’re not extending customer, sign up, this time it’s going to let you put in your zip code, for your email address you type in random letters, you don’t have to use your real email address, check mark the I have read the Terms of Service, then press start session.

That should give you internet to verify that it works, I’m going to go to YouTube, YouTube loads it up and it works perfectly. Thank you for reading.

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